If this is your first baby, there are so many things to learn, and if you are adding a baby to your family, you’ll be extra busy. I am happy to guide you and explain your choices throughout your pregnancy.

All the midwife care and support that I offer you is FREE for New Zealand Citizens, New Zealand Residents. Some Visa holders also receive free services.
Privacy: All your interactions with me are entirely confidential. When you visit my office, your car isn’t visible from main roads.

Are you ready? Are you pregnant?

I can help you improve your health ready for pregnancy. Your body needs to support a baby for 40 weeks.

I can help you confirm your pregnancy. The pregnancy test is FREE and similar to those you can purchase from the pharmacy or supermarket.

Stage 1: Pregnant


Now it's time for antenatal care.

  • We meet every 4 weeks from confirmation until 28 weeks.
  • We meet every 2 weeks from 28 weeks until 36 weeks
  • We meet every week from 36 weeks, until your baby is born

During this time there are scans, blood tests, urine screening, and listening to your baby so you and I know that you and your baby are healthy and growing beautifully.

We will talk about what is happening with your body and your baby. How you are managing your pregnancy and family life.

I’m here to answer any questions that you might have, and to put your mind to rest from any niggling fears or worries.

Stage 2: Labour


I'll be with you!

Labour is the magic that brings your baby into the world. It can be scary, I will be with you to support you and encourage you. We will have talked about your delivery options in advance. I offer:

  • Hypno birthing
  • Water birthing
  • Drug free labour
  • Pain free labour
  • Birth at home
  • Birth at hospital

These are your choices! I enjoy every woman’s choice on this journey, I will remember what you want. You will be concentrating on having your baby.

If you’re in labour or have an emergency I am available 24 hours a day – babies just don’t understand the concept of office hours.

Stage 3: You are now a parent

You are now a parent

I continue to support you as you recover from labour.

I can help you with breastfeeding, sibling rivalry, poo queries, vomit problems and anything else your new baby introduces to your life. We’ll discuss immunisations and information for your doctor.

I am good at listening to joys and woes. This is a great time for you, baby and the rest of your family.

You’ll be challenged by lack of sleep and a baby who hasn’t read the book. We’ll work it out together and introduce you to the Well Child carers who support you until baby is 5 years old.